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Introducing the Shop Local Collection, featuring some of the quirkiest and most unique businesses... 

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Block Island Community College

Block Island Community College (BICC) is a vibrant and inclusive educational institution... 

Stop The Tunnel!

A healthy dose of environmental activism and anti-corporate protest is just what... 


Shop Local Collection

Show your support for our unique local businesses! Take home a souvenir and tell all your friends about the quirky places you visited while you were here!

Launch Collection

Day One Designs! Celebrate our home of the great state of Rhode Island and our humble beginnings here on Block Island. We’re proud to be a part of the vibrant T-Shirt culture that thrives in this community. Wear one of our unique and exclusive designs and spark joy and conversations!

Block Island Community College

A New Generation of Higher Learning! Show your support for the newest and most prestigious educational institution to grace the shores of Block Island. Introducing the Block Island Community College, bringing affordable education and growth opportunities to the hard working and often forgotten community of blue collar islanders that keep this town running with their unwavering dedication.

Stop The Tunnel!

A healthy dose of environmental activism and anti-corporate protest is just what this town needs to stop greedy businessmen from tearing up Block Island to build a tunnel to the casino!  Join us in creating enthusiasm and excitement to preserve our pristine paradise!


In a world where nostalgia meets social activism, Explore Block Island brings you the “Milleni-Hell” Tee Collection. These tees serve as a bridge between the cherished memories of the past and the determination to create a brighter future. Each design embodies the spirit of millennial nostalgia while advocating for change. Explore the collection and find tees that resonate with your values and experiences.

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