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Block Island Community College

Educating the Next Generation of Block Islanders

Block Island Community College is a beacon of educational excellence nestled on the idyllic shores of Block Island. As the heart of intellectual curiosity and personal growth, our college fosters a tight-knit community dedicated to learning, collaboration, and discovery. With a rich array of academic programs, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, Block Island Community College provides students with an exceptional learning environment where they can thrive academically, socially, and personally. From engaging classes and vibrant student life to a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, our college is a nurturing space where students can explore their passions, unlock their potential, and embark on a transformative educational journey.

Block Island Community College

Block Island Tunnel Authority

Connecting New Shoreham to the Future

The Block Island Tunnel Authority is a formidable entity driving an ambitious project: the Block Island Tunnel. With a grand vision to construct a groundbreaking underwater interstate automobile traffic tunnel spanning from New London, CT to Block Island, RI, the authority aims to revolutionize transportation and provide unprecedented access for islanders to Connecticut's renowned casinos within a convenient hour's drive. The proposed $35 billion project represents a significant investment in infrastructure, signaling the authority's commitment to enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth. By bridging the gap between mainland Connecticut and Block Island, the Block Island Tunnel Authority seeks to reshape travel patterns and open up new opportunities for residents and visitors alike. While the project has generated both excitement and debate, the authority remains steadfast in its mission to create a transformative link that will shape the future of transportation in the region.

Block Island Tunnel Authority

Stop The Tunnel!

Block Island’s Resistance Movement to Corporate Tyranny

"Stop the Tunnel" is a passionate movement that brings together individuals dedicated to preserving the natural beauty, sustainability, and community values of Block Island. While the Block Island Tunnel Authority (BITA) proposes an ambitious underwater interstate automobile traffic tunnel, this movement recognizes the potential negative impacts on the island's delicate ecosystem, affordable housing, and workers' rights. Advocating for conservation, affordable housing initiatives, and fair labor practices, the movement aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive community that thrives in harmony with its surroundings. By standing against the tunnel project, supporters of "Stop the Tunnel" seek to protect the island's unique character, promote sustainable development, and preserve the quality of life for both current and future generations. Together, they work tirelessly to ensure that Block Island remains a haven of natural beauty, cultural richness, and social justice.

Stop The Tunnel