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Where The People Aren’t Tee

Where The People Aren’t Tee

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Introducing the "I Wanna Be Where The People Aren't Tee" – Dive into Nostalgia with a Millennial Twist!


Are you a child of the '90s who knows the joy of a good Disney sing-along? Do you find solace and serenity in the beauty of Block Island, especially when it's free from the hustle and bustle? Explore Block Island brings you the perfect tee that marries nostalgia with the modern millennial spirit.


🧜 **Mermaid Magic**: This tee features a lovely mermaid, a nod to a beloved childhood song from a classic Disney movie. It's like a splash of nostalgia that takes you back to simpler times.


🌅 **Block Island Bliss**: "I Wanna Be Where The People Aren't" speaks to the part of us that cherishes Block Island's tranquil beauty, especially when it's free from the crowds. It's the joy of finding solitude and serenity in a place as special as Block Island.


🌊 **Millennial Attitude**: This tee captures the spirit of modern millennials who appreciate the beauty of solitude and the serenity of nature. It's a gentle reminder that sometimes, the best company is the sound of the waves and the rustling leaves.


🌟 **Milleni-Hell Collection**: As part of our Milleni-Hell Collection, this tee combines the nostalgia of our childhood favorites with a contemporary twist that reflects the way we view the world today. It's a unique blend of past and present.


🤩 **Express Yourself**: Your fashion choices are an expression of who you are, and this tee says it all. It's a statement piece that tells the world you value the simple joys of life and the beauty of Block Island's unspoiled landscapes.


Whether you're reminiscing about the songs of your youth or celebrating your love for Block Island's tranquil shores, the "I Wanna Be Where The People Aren't Tee" is your ticket to embracing nostalgia while staying true to your modern millennial spirit. Wear it proudly as you wander the island's hidden gems, and let the mermaid's song be your guide to serenity.

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