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Sea World Tee

Sea World Tee

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Introducing the Sea World Tee from Explore Block Island—an exhilarating celebration of the iconic brand's arrival on the island's shores. With a major aquarium and theme park under construction, this tee offers a sneak peek into what promises to be the biggest attraction yet on Block Island.


Incorporating the classic Sea World logo on the front, with Block Island showcased underneath, this tee captures the excitement and anticipation surrounding the arrival of this monumental destination. Available in a range of light colors, it reflects the serene coastal vibes of Block Island while hinting at the thrilling adventures to come.


Set to become the largest aquarium not only on Block Island but in all of Rhode Island, the Sea World Tee is more than just a piece of clothing—it's a symbol of the island's evolution into a world-class destination for marine exploration and family fun.


Get ready to dive into a world of wonder and adventure with the Sea World Tee from Explore Block Island. Be among the first to showcase your excitement for this groundbreaking addition to the island's attractions and set the stage for unforgettable memories to come.

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