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Eat a Beaver Tee

Eat a Beaver Tee

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**Explore Block Island's "Save a Tree Tee"**


*Design:* A simple yet impactful tee with a bold message: "Save a Tree - Eat a Beaver"




In today's world, it's more important than ever to advocate for the preservation of our natural resources. The "Save a Tree Tee" from Explore Block Island serves as a reminder that we play a crucial role in the protection of our environment.  This design, inspired by one of our favorite movies, Ten Inch Hero, drives that message home and inspires all of us to do our part and munch some wild beav for the good of our community and our rich heritage of men in boats.  🦫 


But conservation isn't just about saving trees; it's also about treating each other with respect and kindness. We believe that being excellent to everyone, especially women, is part of this effort. It's about making them feel safe, comfortable, and secure in all aspects of life.  It's important only to put your mouth on consenting beavers.  


When you wear this tee, you're not just making a statement; you're joining a movement to protect the planet and create a world where everyone can thrive. It's a small step toward a greener, more sustainable world, and a kinder, more inclusive society.


Together, let's ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of Block Island and its lush landscapes while fostering a culture of respect and equality. Wear this tee proudly and inspire others to join the cause.  Don't be scared of it!  Do your part and lick a beaver today!  👅 🦫 

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