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Stop The Tunnel Yard Sign

Stop The Tunnel Yard Sign

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Introducing the "Our Home Is Not For Sale" Yard Sign: Make a Bold Statement and Join the Resistance!

Stand up for the spirit of Block Island and raise your voice against the proposed Islander Relocation program with our "Our Home Is Not For Sale" Yard Sign. This powerful and impactful sign is a rallying cry to preserve the integrity of our island community and resist the corporate takeover.

Designed to make a statement, this yard sign features bold lettering that proudly proclaims "Our Home Is Not For Sale." It serves as a symbol of unity and defiance against the encroachment of corporate interests on our beloved island.

Included on the sign is a link to, a platform where like-minded individuals can gather, share information, and join forces to protect Block Island's unique charm. This link serves as an invitation for others to join the resistance and take a stand against the proposed construction project.

Place this yard sign in your front yard, garden, or any visible location to show your solidarity with the movement. Let it be a beacon of hope, inspiring others to question the impact of unchecked development and champion the preservation of Block Island's natural beauty.

Crafted from weather-resistant materials, our "Our Home Is Not For Sale" Yard Sign is built to withstand the elements, ensuring it remains a bold statement for years to come. It's an investment in our island's future and a reminder that our voices matter.

Join the resistance, raise awareness, and make a powerful statement with the "Our Home Is Not For Sale" Yard Sign. Together, we can protect Block Island's unique character, safeguard our homes, and preserve the essence of our cherished community. Let your voice be heard, and let the sign be a symbol of our collective determination.

.: The same design printed on both sides
.: Material: Durable, heavy-duty corrugated plastic
.: Metal H stand included for a simple installation
.: Available in one size: 18" x 24" (45.7cm x 60.9cm)

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