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Wave Tribune Tee

Wave Tribune Tee

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Introducing The Wave Tribune Tee, a stylish and vibrant tribute to Block Island's renowned college newspaper. With its eye-catching design featuring a cartoon surfer riding the waves, this tee proudly represents The Wave Tribune, Block Island's trusted source for truth and insightful journalism.


Celebrate the success of Block Island Community College's esteemed newspaper, which has become a beacon of knowledge and a platform for thought-provoking stories. The Wave Tribune has consistently delivered news, features, and investigative reports that keep the island's residents and visitors well-informed.


As you don this comfortable and fashionable tee, you're not only showing support for The Wave Tribune but also honoring the dedicated team of journalists and contributors who bring stories to life. And let's not forget Max Thompson, our favorite intrepid reporter, who fearlessly pursues the truth with his unique blend of wit, determination, and investigative prowess.


With The Wave Tribune Tee, you can proudly display your appreciation for the power of journalism and the importance of truth in our community. Join us in celebrating the remarkable work of The Wave Tribune by visiting and immersing yourself in the insightful stories and captivating articles that have made this college newspaper a true force on the island.


Embrace the spirit of truth and knowledge with The Wave Tribune Tee and become a part of Block Island's vibrant journalism culture. Together, let's ride the wave of information and support the invaluable work of The Wave Tribune.

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