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Voices of Block Island Tee

Voices of Block Island Tee

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"Voices of Block Island" Tee: This powerful design captures the spirit of unity and solidarity within the working class on Block Island. The tee features three raised fists of protest, each representing a different skin tone—white, brown, and black. These fists symbolize the diversity of the island's workers and the shared struggle they face against corporate influence and the challenges that come with it.

Above the prominent design, the words "Voices of Block Island" stand tall, representing the collective strength and determination of the working class to make their voices heard. Below the design, the phrase "Working Class Unity" underscores the importance of solidarity in the face of adversity.

The tee comes in a range of colors, including white, sand, sport grey, and light blue, allowing individuals to choose a shade that resonates with them. The Explore Block Island branding on the inside collar further emphasizes the connection between this movement and the island's identity.

By wearing the "Voices of Block Island" tee, individuals show their support for the working class and their commitment to unity and justice. It serves as a visual reminder that diversity and solidarity are the driving forces behind the fight for a fair and equitable Block Island.

.: 100% cotton
.: Medium fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²))
.: Classic fit
.: Runs true to size

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