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Don’t Feed The Bears Tee

Don’t Feed The Bears Tee

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Introducing the gripping Don't Feed The Bears Tee, available exclusively on the Explore Block Island Website. This captivating design aims to share cautionary tales and raise awareness about the potential dangers that tourists can encounter when interacting with bears. 

Imagine this: A daring tourist, lured by the allure of capturing a close-up photo, ventures too close to a bear and its cubs. Unbeknownst to them, their well-intentioned curiosity quickly escalates into a perilous situation. With an expression of urgency, the tee portrays an angry bear, serving as a reminder of the potential consequences.

In another tale, a group of unsuspecting visitors decides to ignore the warning signs and feeds a bear out of misguided kindness. The seemingly innocent act quickly leads to the bear associating humans with food, creating a dangerous habit that endangers both the bear and future tourists.

Through these cautionary tales depicted on the tee, we hope to inspire a greater understanding of the need to respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance. By wearing this tee, you become an advocate for responsible tourism, ensuring the protection of both humans and bears on Block Island.

Join us in spreading awareness, so that these cautionary tales become lessons learned, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humans and bears. Together, let's share the message loud and clear: "Don't Feed The Bears On Block Island."

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