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Captain Kidd’s Secret Stash (Light-Medium Roast)

Captain Kidd’s Secret Stash (Light-Medium Roast)

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Introducing our Colombia Single Origin—a coffee lover's dream! This 12oz pack offers a light-medium roast, giving you a mellow yet savory experience with a hint of sweetness and a crisp acidity. Dive into flavor notes of cooked honeydew and cocoa straight from the heart of South America. Whether you prefer pour-over or Aeropress, this blend will effortlessly become part of your daily routine. Available in both whole bean and ground options, all roasted in the US.  Whether you're searching for buried treasure or pirate's booty, Captain Kidd's Secret Stash will be sure to keep you going on this Block Full O' Nuts!

.: Size: 12oz (340g)

.: Light-medium roast
.: Mellow, savory, crisp acidity, subtle sweetness
.: Citrus and melon tasting notes
.: Growing region: South America
.: Roasted in the USA
.: Whole bean or ground options available
.: NB! This product is shipped only to the United States and their territories, as well as Canada

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