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Block Island Sock Exchange Tee

Block Island Sock Exchange Tee

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Introducing the Block Island Sock Exchange Tee, available exclusively at the Explore Block Island online store! This iconic tee celebrates the rich history and whimsical origins of the Block Island Sock Exchange, a legendary gathering that traces its roots back to the late 1800s and continues to this day!

Embark on a journey through time as you wear this tee adorned with a graph trending upwards, symbolizing the ever-increasing excitement and popularity of sock trading. The front chest proudly displays the words "Block Island Sock Exchange," while the back showcases the same design on a larger scale, ensuring that your commitment to sock aficionados everywhere is boldly proclaimed.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating story behind the Block Island Sock Exchange. Legend has it that in the late 1800s, a group of humble island workers sought solace in the vibrant patterns and colorful threads of their socks. These individuals, driven by a shared passion for sartorial excellence, began meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at what is now the historic town hall.

Gathered in a spirit of camaraderie, they showcased their most prized socks, engaging in lively exchanges, buying, and trading their beloved foot coverings. As the tradition grew, so did the innovation. These forward-thinking sock enthusiasts even dabbled in sock futures, making daring investments based on their keen eye for sock trends.

The Block Island Sock Exchange Tee serves as a testament to this captivating tale, paying homage to those industrious individuals who forged a community built upon the love of socks. Choose from the timeless colors of green, black, and red, allowing you to express your personal style while proudly representing the spirit of Block Island.

To top it all off, the tee bears the Explore Block Island branding on the inside collar, a mark of authenticity and quality that ensures your connection to the island's vibrant and adventurous spirit.

Step back in time, embrace the legend, and show the world your love for socks with the Block Island Sock Exchange Tee. Unite with fellow sock enthusiasts and celebrate the extraordinary heritage that lies within every thread.  And if you're in town on the second Tuesday of the month, head to the usual spot at Block Island Town Hall and tell them you want to trade socks!

.: 100% cotton

.: Classic fit

.: Runs true to size

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