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Block Island Night Swimming Society

Block Island Night Swimming Society

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Introducing the exclusive Block Island Night Swimming Society Tee, a symbol of the clandestine world of nocturnal ocean adventures. This invite-only secret swimming club gathers under the moonlit skies, venturing into the depths of the sea in the darkest hours. 

Legend has it that the society traces its origins back to a bygone era, shrouded in mystery and whispered tales. Stories tell of a forgotten sailor, a solitary figure who encountered enchanting mermaids, playful dolphins, and ethereal phosphorescent creatures that illuminated the midnight waters. It is said that this sailor, entranced by their enchanting songs, disappeared into the depths, forever bound to the ocean's embrace.

Membership in the Block Island Night Swimming Society is a privilege reserved for the chosen few. Those fortunate enough to receive an invitation are beckoned to immerse themselves in a world beyond ordinary comprehension. As you venture into the darkness, guided by the glow of the moon, you become part of a secret society connected to the secrets of the sea.

The night swimming experience is nothing short of magical. Imagine yourself gliding through the waves, bathed in the ethereal glow of phosphorescence, surrounded by mythical creatures that dance beneath the surface. The songs of sirens echo through your ears, luring you deeper into the unknown. But beware, for the allure of the ocean can be irresistible, and some who have ventured into these waters have never returned.

The Block Island Night Swimming Society Tee serves as both a symbol of your membership and a memento of the extraordinary experiences shared only by those brave enough to dive into the secrets of the night. Wear it proudly and embrace the mystique that surrounds this hidden realm.

Indulge in the lore, the secrets, and the enchantment that lies within the ocean's depths. Explore Block Island invites you to become part of the enigmatic Block Island Night Swimming Society. But remember, not all who are called may return, for the sea holds its secrets close. Embrace the allure, embrace the mystery, and prepare to immerse yourself in a world beyond imagination.

Discover the wonders that await you beneath the moonlit waves.

.: 100% cotton
.: Medium fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²))
.: Classic fit
.: Runs true to size

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